Ryan Abi



Fleeting Manifesto was a mini web series that was updated on a weekly basis for an entire month, conducting a social intervention in Lebanon. The chair, being the main attraction, traveled around to different public locations across Lebanon. People in question are sitting on the red "presidential" chair, answering the following question:
“You are now the leader of Lebanon and have the power to do anything. What is the first thing you would do?"
At the time of filming this, Lebanon had been president-less for about 2 years. Some felt like it made no difference, others felt having a president will be a key factor for a stable economy & safe community. Hopefully this project shed some light on this topic. Giving people the opportunity to voice their opinion was moving, especially knowing that in reality they may never get the chance to even see the president's infamous chair.

You can watch the entire video series on YouTube


Beirut, Lebanon


Fall 2014


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